>My Iron Aqualung

>Many of you have asked for my opinion on the British duo Aqualung. Actually, none of you have asked for my opinion on the British duo Aqualung, but, for the sake of a brief mid-week, superfluous blogging, I wanted to recommend them to anyone who hasn’t heard them. I saw the video for their single “Brighter Than Sunshine” a few weeks ago and, when I asked people about it, it became clear that I was the last person on the planet to hear this song. So, maybe I’m writing to the choir.

Regardless, “Brighter Than Sunshine” is the kind of full-blown piano catchiness that the Brits are known for. It’s insanely catchy, and the best word to describe its composition is mature. Matt Hales, Aqualung’s songwriter, is thirty-something, and it shows. Great vocal control, interesting song structure, makes the most of the hook. The lyric’s simple, but it serves the music. Just a very, very good time. The best possible description came from my friend Mike: “It’s like a Coldplay song gone right.”

Check it out: www.myspace.com/aqualung . Also, read Ben Hales’ (Matt’s brother and guitarist) blog there on the English language, according to Brits. It gave me blog-envy.

All for now,


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