>Sets and Lists and Setlists

Someone recently told me to stop gerrymandering and, although I still don’t know what gerrymandering is, I was incensed. So, here’s something to chew on until one of you tells me exactly the nature of this peculiar insult:

If you hop over to www.chrismilam.com, you’ll notice that there’s a News update that directs to to the Shows page and back to this blog. That’s what we in marketing call cross-referential promotion. Or maybe I made that up. Regardless, all this to say that if you click on show dates for the CHRIS MILAM SPRING TOUR 2K6, you’ll notice one of two things happening:

1) It directs you to the venue’s website or Myspace if I have yet to play the show.
2) It pops-up a setlist if I’ve already played the show.

Such are the marvels of having a webwunderkind of a friend and roommate. Shout outs to Jeets. Much love.

But some of you might be asking, “what the hell are these songs?” Another great question. You’re on fire today. Give yourself a hand. If not indicated in parentheses, then it’s not a cover. That means I wrote it. If the title’s not off Leaving Tennessee, that means it’s new. You’ll notice exactly three of these songs:

“Talkin’ Divinity Blues”
“Maria, Maria”
“Don’t Give Up on Me Now”

There will be more new songs to follow–hopefully we’ll get some good recordings and post them to the site, but until then, you’ll just have to catch them live.

More on all of this sooner rather than later,


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