>Two New Songs….and Videos

So, I’ve been MIA. Nearly 1000 miles, 30 SPFs, two shows, and one sunburn later, I’m back in Nashville for good. Until Tuesday.

I’ll have plenty to share soon, but please accept this gift from the Gods of Rock to whet your appetite, you crazed little gopher: what you’re about to see are two brand new songs from me, recorded live from my show at 3rd and Lindsley in Nashville, May 8. One is called “Talkin’ Divinity Blues” and the other is called “A Song I Used to Know.” Mucho propers to Tyler Cain for playing harp on the latter–he’s good like that.

So, to watch these videos, do this:
Then Media
Then Videos
Click the title you’re looking for (there’s only two, genius)
Click the lyrics to read, too.

OR, go directly to YouTube:
For “Talkin’ Divinity Blues” or
For “A Song I Used to Know

Until the next course,


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