>Hardcore Troubadours Galore

Ello Ello,

So the good folks at Hardcore Troubadours invited me over to HCT HQ for a Podcast. Actually, let me back up:

Hardcore Troubadours is a site devoted to “filling in the gaps of the country music past, reviewing and recommending a broad range of country artists from the past 100 years. We cover industry news, encourage independent bands, make podcasts of new music and local musicians, and interview bands.” In short, they’re a great place to go for country/alt-country/punktry/folk/Americana music reviews, news, notes, and general fanship. They rock.

So, these music writers invited me to their headquarters for an interview and in-house performance. I obliged, and they threw it all up (published, not vomited) it on a Podcast.

Definitely stop by, right click and save the Podcast, and give it a listen. A LOT of previously unreleased songs and covers on this, so I hope you enjoy!

Keep checking their site–they’re doing great work.

Outside Flagstaff,

P.S. Here’s the tracklist for the Podcast, in case you’re interested:

Someday (Steve Earle cover)
Don’t Give Up on Me Now
Whenever It Rains
She Changes with the Breeze
Maria, Maria
Chelsea Hotel (Leonard Cohen cover)
Waiting for a Call (Cory Branan cover)
Talkin’ Divinity Blues
Memphis Queen
A Song I Used to Know


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