>Extra, Extra

>Vanderbilt Hustler Article

Many of you know a few things about me. A few of you know many things about me. And exactly three of you know nothing about me, and honestly don’t have a clue how you got here. I respect all of that.

But what nobody knows is how much I like Fisher Price instruments. Or that I went to college. Or that I “think lyrically.”

If you’d like to read about all this and more, please do! The Vanderbilt Hustler wrote an article on me (“alum-done-good,” which is in direct opposition to the many “student-done-bad” articles that were written about me while there) and it’s a very nice read.

You can find that article HERE. Special thanks to Elizabeth for all the hard work and superfanship and superfriendship.

I once sailed a Superfanship. The blades kept spinning and Scott lost a leg.


P.S. This is one of two pieces of press Leaving Tennessee is getting, so stay tuned for more.


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