>Gutenberg, Shmootenberg

Everyone that knows me well knows I scoff at the printed word. I’ve never read a single book in its entirety, and I can’t remember the last time I even picked one up. In that vein, I avoid newspapers, magazines, and academic journals as if my life depends on it–in many ways, it does.

That’s why I support the internet and all of its many doings. Just last week, the Vanderbilt Hustler ran a review of Leaving Tennessee.

And just today, my favorite alt-country music criticettes (The Hardcore Troubadours) posted yet another review of Leaving Tennessee! Through the magic of the “internet,” you can simply click on THIS LINK and be magically transported to their page of musical wonderment. This review also includes another link. If you “right click” this link and “save to your computer,” you can get four songs that I did for their Podcast back in August. It’s all very self-referential in a user-friendly way. No paper, no ink. Just Milam-Goodness.

Suck on that, Gutenberg!


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