>Giving Thanks


Thanksgiving comes early in Milam Nation. Here at the Top Secret Arkansas HQ, we’re gorging today (Wednesday) instead of tomorrow, because I’ll be en route to a wedding in Jackson, Mississippi. So, I’d like to give you my Day-Early List of Things to Be Thankful For:

–2am reruns of A Different World
–Dwayne Wayne’s flip-top glasses
–Football on HDTV
–Any place warm enough so that the leaves are still turning at Thanksgiving
–That nice grandma
–That mean grandma
–Good weather on a long drive
–Jack White, The White Stripes, The Raconteurs, and everything else
–Old jokes that never get old
–Midterm elections (let’s not get carried away, folks…but it’s a start)
–The Killers “My List”
–Michael Vick
–Dark meat
–Anyone who prefers white meat
–Meat in general
–The single greatest fantasy basketball team ever assembled**
–A good suit
Three Kings Productions, and their forthcoming Christmas Video 2K6
–The state of Mississippi, and whatever’s in its water
–Whisky season
–Sister Schubert, and her rolls
–Stephen Colbert
–Handwritten letters
–Figgy pudding
–Mid-afternoon naps
–A tight spiral
–Girls that look good in sweaters
–Mr. Mister’s “Kyrie”
–The smell of a bonfire
–Rose with some new strings**
–Whatever item on the Thanksgiving table sounds bad but tastes great
–Whatever item on the Thanksgiving table sounds great but tastes bad
–Anything that makes you smile

What’s on your list?

Happy Thanksgiving!

**Might just pertain to me


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