>The Mix To End All Mixes

Let me tell you something you probably don’t know about me: I’m a three-time inductee and founding member of the Mixmaster Hall of Fame. I apprenticed under one of America’s greatest original Mixmakers and Mixologists. He taught me everything I ever needed to know about the sacred and magical process of making a musical mix. That, combined with my unprecedented talent-level created the ultimate Mixmaking Juggernaut. For an active career of six years, I mastered old forms, created new ones, left listeners breathless, transformed an artform and transcended a medium. In my prime, I churned out light-hearted event mixes (HipHoppery 2K6), style-based friend mixes (JerryLovingTimes 2K5), and autobiographical concept pieces (Fall Mix 2K4) all in the same NIGHT. I’ve seen nu-jazz/modern folk hybrid mixes. I’ve seen rap and ska thematically contrasted. I’ve gone from “Bombs Over Baghdad” to “Man on the Moon” in less than three moves. When I officially retired, I thought I had conceived of every conception, made every transition, and closed every closer with conclusive satisfaction.

Until two weeks ago, when someone threw down this gauntlet and accidentally changed my life:

If you had to make a mix of the fifteen songs that mean the most to you–and likely always will–could you do it? You are in no way bound by genre or time period–Miles Davis can go alongside Christmas songs. Jay-Z can sit beside The Smiths. Just the fifteen pieces of music that mean the most to you, and probably always will.

Needless to say, I immediately hated this person. Could I do it? Please–I had to do it. My ego got in the way. I’m currently working on my Mix of a Lifetime and have been for two weeks now. I made an initial list of “definites” and a second list of “possibles.” The “definites” had two songs, and the “possibles” had eighty-one. Hot-damn, this isn’t easy.

So, what do y’all think? What would be on your list? What are your definites? Could you round out a Top 15 without much trouble? Give me your mixes!!!

In the library,


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