>From Way Up Here

>I’m writing from a mountain outside Gatlinburg, Tennessee, as I’m here for a week. If you’re picturing me flannel-clad with a dirty grit-beard you’re not far off.

Yesterday was gorgeous and clear but today threatened rain all afternoon. It finally dumped for a half-hour and cooled everything off. Steam’s rising in tufts around the mountain–my great uncle used to tell me this was “groundhogs making coffee.”

Either way, it’s a good place to work (which I’m doing) and dominate in billiards (which I’m doing). In the meantime, I’m making a mental list of great songs about mountains, as I’ve been predictably wanting them lately. Here’s a few I’ve rattled off so far:

Lucero’s “The Mountain”
The best song the Drive-By Truckers ever wrote, only they didn’t. This song is also rumored to be featured in Craig Brewers’ next movie, set in East Tennessee.

Led Zeppelin’s “Over the Hills and Far Away”
Sure, who knows what the hell Robert Plant’s ever talking about. But the music itself, in its hushed acoustics and (later) soaring arrangements certainly sounds like the mountains.

Jack White’s “Sittin on Top of the World”
Off the Cold Mountain soundtrack (we could really count that whole record); Jack’s emotionally low but geographically high. Ahhh, metaphor.

And, of course….ANY SONG by the incomparable Mountain.

What am I missing? Give me your mountain songs, so that I may download them and listen whilst rocking in a chair, wallowing in whiskey, and growing grit-tastic facial hair.

With a little work and luck,

P.S. My Mix of Fifteen is coming soon….stay tuned.


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