>Mix of Fifteen

After two weeks’ thought and multiple drafts, here is my Mix of Fifteen. As a refresher, a friend asked me if I could make a mix of the fifteen songs that mean the most to me, and probably always will. I took on the challenge, struggled mightily, battled substance abuse, took a trip to the desert, shot a coyote at midnight and suddenly it came to me, fully realized. Here tis in order:

1) “Dixie” – Version by the Ole Miss marching band
2) “Like a Rolling Stone” – Bob Dylan
3) “One Big Holiday” – My Morning Jacket
4) “Karma Police” – Radiohead
5) “Nights Like These” – Lucero
6) “A Long December” – Counting Crows
7) “I Will Sing You Songs” – My Morning Jacket
8) “Baba O’Reilly” – The Who
9) “Alive” – Pearl Jam
10) “The Ballad of El Goodo” – Big Star
11) “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down” – The Band (album version, not Last Waltz)
12) “Yesterday” – The Beatles
13) “Nightswimming” – REM
14) “Nothingman” – Pearl Jam
15) “Amazing Grace” – Bagpipe + strings arrangement from the Braveheart soundtrack

And I’m spent,

P.S. A few also-rans include Dylan’s “Desolation Row,” Nirvana’s cover of “Where Did You Sleep Last Night,” and the Counting Crows’ “Round Here.”


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