>In the Lab, With a Pen and a Pad

>…And a Happy 2008 to you, sir. What with a new band, new winter shows, new spring shows, a tour in the summer, and a new record forthcoming, it’s enough to make a Milam tumble. Plenty to look forward to, but in the meantime, here’s this:

Just before Christmas I met up with a great up-and-coming producer in Nashville, my buddy Steve Martin. Not that one. The other one. Anyway, armed with one acoustic guitar and a few mics, we holed up for one very long night and recorded almost every unreleased song I’ve written. No band, no frills, no overdubs…just me, Steve, the guitar, and a big red record button. Several hours and cough drops later, I had the Edgehill Demos.

Anyway, to everyone who’s been patiently asking “when’s the next record coming out” or “what are some of your new songs” or “do you know ‘More Than a Feeling,” I finally have something to give ya. Starting this Monday, January 14th, I’m going to put up a new demo on Myspace for FREE DOWNLOAD. Each song will stay up for one week, and be replaced by a new one the next Monday. Mind you, I’m not going to put EVERY song up–just a good handful that I think y’all might enjoy.

Please feel free to download and share these demos as much as you want–music is meant to be heard, not cornered in a market.

Bon appetit,

P.S. The lyrics for each song will be available under the “lyric” section of the Myspace media player. Don’t forget those!


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