>New Demo #2–"Nightshift Town"

>I swear, y’all can set your watches to it…

Every Monday there’s a new acoustic demo on Myspace of a song you ain’t heard before. This week’s is called “Nightshift Town,” and it’s available for FREE DOWNLOAD! So hop on over and listen!

(***IMPORTANT: You don’t need a Myspace account to listen. Just click and enjoy!)

The lyrics are also available if you click the “lyrics” button in the media player. Those help. I tend to mumble.

Much, much, much, much more (not related to me and my shameless plugs) forthcoming, but I wanted to give y’all the heads up with the new music abounding!

Y’all come back now real soon,

P.S. For all you Facebook maniacs out there saying to yourself, “You know what, eff Myspace and its viruses, spam, sexual predators, and Dane Cook,” I’ve got your solution. Hop over to my ILike page on Facebook page and add me there! And put my music on your page! And generally spread the Milam gospel like your life depends on it, yo! And use more exclamation points!!!


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