>Folk Week (A Week for Folks)

>Yo yourself!

As promised, today kicks off Milam’s Folk Week! This means there’s a new song on Myspace today and tomorrow. Then there’ll be New Song #2 on Wednesday and Thursday, and New Song #3 on Friday.

These are more demos of songs I’ve been kicking around lately. I got on a miniature folk kick (the length of the kick was miniature, not my interest in folk or folks…or my interest in miniature folks) recently and recorded a bunch of demos of some folk tunes I wrote. These are a departure from the pop fare you’ve been hearing from me lately, and I picked these three songs specifically to share because I see them working well as three different takes on the same thing.

Hop on over to Myspace and download “Out In America” for FREE! Then tell me what you think…

As Coach Taylor would say: Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, CAN’T LOSE,

P.S. If you see the picture above, you know what I’m doing today: 1) Waiting til 8pm, and 2) Wanting to throw up. If you’re the “talking to Jesus” type, send one up for the Tigers today.


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