>CD Release Show–October 11!

>Hey Everyone!

Mark the calendar now:

CD Release Show 12th & Porter Saturday, October 11th Chris Milam w/ Broken Frame and more!

Okay, now that it’s carved in your stone calendar…if you have ever attended or have ever considered attending a Chris Milam show, I NEED YOU at this one. I’ve been working on the Tin Angel EP for months now, and can’t wait to celebrate its release with you! This is going to be an absolutely awesome lineup, with a ton of surprises in store. All it needs is you–and maybe a Slip N Slide–to be complete.

Seriously, industry folks talk all the time about how music fans aren’t willing to support independent artists. I obviously disagree, and have seen it time and time again. Now’s your chance to come out in droves and show your support for local independent artists–buy the record and come enjoy the Tin Angel EP!

Thanks a ton, and stay tuned for even more info regarding this show!



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