>Eight Days Away!

>If a week was eight days long…

1) That would probably mean more football for everyone.
2) God might’ve rested two days in a row.
3) There would be [insert number that someone who’s good at math can figure out] weeks a year.
4) The Tin Angel EP would be exactly ONE WEEK AWAY!

This is my loquacious way of telling you that on October 7th–eight days from now–my new record is coming out. What I need you to do is SPREAD THE WORD! Pre-order the record, tell your friends, make a sign, show it to people, stand on a corner, shout it from a rooftop, form a band and sing songs promoting its glory.

You can do any of that and I’d still find it totally acceptable.

Here’s the schedule of the CD release:

Monday, October 6: Some of the songs will be available for listening on Myspace, ILike, Reverbnation, IMeem, the Official Website, everywhere you could ever want to look for it.

Tuesday, October 7: The record will be available for purchase anywhere. If you’ve already purchased one from CDBaby, it is on its way!

Wednesday, October 8 through Forever: Listen, rock, pirate, burn, enjoy with all your friends.

Saturday, October 11: The CD release show at 12th & Porter! Click on the right sidebar for all the details.

And don’t forget Friday, November 7 is the NYC release show! All the details to the right.

More soon,


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