>5 Days Away

>That’s short-hand for….

There are, you know, somewhere near five days between now and the time my new record, the Tin Angel EP, comes out officially on Tuesday, October 7.

It will also be available for listening purposes on Monday, October 6, everywhere on the interwebs. Myspace, Facebook, Official Site, IMeem, LastFM, everywhere.

So, go listen on the 6th, go buyin’ on the 7th. If you ain’t already.

Meanwhile, who out there has heard any of the following:
1) The new Kings of Leon in its entirety.
2) Jack White’s song for the new Bond movie.
3) “Fix It,” the single off the forthcoming Ryan Adams record.
4) The New Chris Milam.
5) A good joke lately.

And how was it?


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