>It’s Here!

>The wait is finally over! As of today, you can hear my new record, the Tin Angel EP, all over the internet. Below is a list of places you can hear all 5 songs on the record…not to mention buy the record when it’s officially released on Tuesday!

Hear the Tin Angel EP – and the first single “On My Way”:









Buy the Tin Angel EP – and the first single “On My Way”:

CDBaby (Tuesday) – Buy hard-copy or digital

ITunes (Tuesday) – Everyone’s favorite digital retailer

SNOCAP (Tuesday) – Digital usic store through Myspace and IMeem

***If you’re not already, be sure to BECOME A FAN of Chris Milam on Facebook so I can send you all the updates!

Finally, keep checking the Official Site and especially the Milam Blog for daily updates about the record release and tour dates! There’s a ton coming up, so stay tuned…

I technically finished this record August 1st, which means the last two months have been the longest of my life. I couldn’t wait to share the music with everyone, and now I finally can! This record is dedicated YOU…all the fans and friends that have been so supportive (and patient!) of this record. I hope that you enjoy!


P.S. Don’t forget the Record Release show THIS SATURDAY, October 11!


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