>Coming Down Your Chimney

>Hey hey hey, and ho-ho-ho to everyone.

Monday, December 8th, I’m giving you a FREE Christmas Single***! December 8th, just get on Myspace or ILike and download your free copy of my new song, “Lovesick Cafe.”

What’s that you say? You’d like to pay me anyway for the Chrismilamas Single and want to know my preferred method of payment? Feel free to send any/all of these to Milam HQ at the South Pole, East Nashville:

1) Cookies. Any kind, but preferably “good.”
2) An SEC Championship for the Alabama Crimson Tiders.
3) Marisa Miller.
4) A trampoline.
5) Peace on earth.

So hop on Myspace or Facebook next Monday and get “Lovesick Cafe”!

In my winter underwear,

***This offer is good for those who celebrate non-Christmas holidays, even those who celebrate nothing at all and hate the holiday season. You’re welcome. Grinch.


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