>You want mint for pillow, Blogworld?

No new blogtent (that’s Bloggish for “content”) this morning, as I’m traveling in the stonage (“in places with limited internet access”), but a few notes!
Be sure to hit up Wednesday’s Song of the Week (“Washing Machine” by Amy LaVere) and celebrate her entire catalogue.  She’s great.
If you ain’t already, be sure to subscribe to the Blog’s RSS (right sidebar).  That’s Bloggish for “you get a notice every time there’s new blogtent [content] on this page.”  Swaction (“cool”)!
If you enjoyed Songs for February–the first of my monthly playlists–then you’ll love Songs for March.  It’s coming Monday morning.
And just so we close out February on the most depressing and morose of all possible notes, a shortlist of…

Songs I’d Want Played at My Funeral!  (Inspired by High Fidelity)
“Pyramid Song” – Radiohead
“Restless Farewell” – Bob Dylan
“Sweetness Follows” – REM
“Many Rivers to Cross” – Jimmy Cliff (copped from High Fidelity‘s list, but Lord, it’s hard to pass up)
“If I Had Possession over Judgment Day” – Robert Johnson
“I Will Sing You Songs” – My Morning Jacket
“I’ll Follow the Sun” – The Beatles
“I’ll Tumble For Ya” – Culture Club
What’s on your list?  And don’t tell me you haven’t thought about this extensively…
Have a good weekend,

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