>Thank Y’all Very Much For Coming Out

>Believe it or not, Blogworld, I’m on IR. I suffered a non-typing injury that nonetheless affects my blogging skills and prowess, which is to say “I’m an idiot who slammed a door on his hand and probably broke his thumb,” which is to say that I’m here, and I’m typing, but it ain’t easy. If you picture me fighting through the pain whilst typing by chewing on a towel like Jerry Tarkanian, begging off morphine from a nurse, yelling at a non-existent coach that “I’m fine, damn you,” you’re not far off.

To quote a friend from college who didn’t break his thumb, “I’minafightwithmyspacebar.”

So, this week’s going to be a little light on new content whilst I fashion popsicle-stick casts and Google “gangreen.” But, here’s some YouTube love!

In honor of Lucero back in the studio, making a new record, slated for fall release, here’s a mix of some favorite LuceroTubes:

Lucero, “Tonight Ain’t Gonna Be Good” (at CBGB’s)

Lucero, “The War”

Lucero, “When You Decided to Leave” (with the incomparable Rick Steff)

Lucero, “Kiss the Bottle” (Jawbreakers cover)

And a special bonus, another Memphis artist currently working on a new record: Cory Branan! Here’s his on-air performance of the unreleased wonder, “Walkaround”:

Y’all Lucero fans? You likey-the-Branan? What’s on YourTube?

Can’t interrupt a multi-tasker…


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