>YouTube Concert

>Before we get to the YouTube Concert, a bit of housekeeping:

My summer schedule (June 1-August 1) is a little different this year. This is because I am:
–In the circus
–On a mountain
–Teaching French in Korea
–Teaching Korean in France
–Working in a coal mine
–In the lab, with a pen and a pad

At least one of those is true. Anyway, just a heads-up: there will be plenty of blogging over the next two months, but the posting will be a little less structured.

The lesson, as always: check back early and often. Or just subscribe (right sidebar).

Then, once August hits, we’ll be back to a more rigid publishing schedule.

Okay, here’s a new song. Also check back Friday for the final YouTube Concert. Til then…

“In the Air Tonight”
***Lyrics available on the YouTube page, just click the link



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