>Fan of the Month!

>Congratulations to June’s Fan of the Month…Tommy in D.C.!

As always, this is a correspondence with a real, live human. And, as always, if you’d like to be considered for a future Fan of the Month, hit me up and state your case!

Here we go…let’s learn a little more about Tommy in Our Nation’s District!

Thomas Winchester Hendrick Buck, Jr.


Where y’at?
Washington, D.C

D.C., huh? Do you work in government? If so, are you watching me as I type this?
I work at the Pentagon in a room with 12 HD televisions. The HD really brings out your beautiful eyes, Chris.

How much should musicians–specifically, me–worry about government censorship? Do I need to put advisory stickers on my iTunes?
Musicians, especially xxxxxx, need not fear their government xxxxxx with their xxxxxx. As an employee of the xxxxxx, I can tell you without a xxxxx that the government encourages free xxxxx and xxxxxxxx. Long Live xxxxxxxx!

Something the average interweb browser wouldn’t know about me is?
I’m not actually a woman

The music scene in D.C. is?

Whatcha do for a living?

When was the last time you ate at Burger King?
Back when you were asking me about what I did for a living

What on earth did you get at Burger King?
E. coli – but I had it MY way, right away

(Editor’s Note: And the Burger King Question is now retired. Sorry folks, we’re not getting a better answer than that.)

Your last meal on earth has to be ordered at a fast food establishment (national chain). What do you get?
No question. The #1 deluxe at Chick-Fil-A w/ Chick-Fil-A sauce and large chocolate milkshake.

Pick your dream concert. Any three (living) artists, anywhere, any venue, any month/time of day. What is it? What’s it called?
U2, Pearl Jam, Green Day – Hawaii, Aloha Stadium – a warm Saturday evening in December – The concert is called “THAT REALLY HAPPENED.”

(Editor’s Note: Unreal.)

What music publications/blogs/sites do you read? Any of them good?
I only read Chris Milam’s Blog. No.

What was the exact date you became a Chris Milam fan?

(Editor’s Note: Yeah, well. We’re not a Thomas Buck Junior fan either. But Senior’s awesome.)

Right now there are only Milam CDs, shirts, and stickers. What obscure item of Milam merchandise would you like to see sold (e.g., Milam dog sweaters, Milam grill covers, etc.)?
Milam Thermoses

If you could fight any public figure, who would it be and why?
Two come to mind. In order they are:
1) Jimmy Kimmel – He is the face of the American comedy downfall. If people didn’t like him, I wouldn’t care, but the guy got to replace Conan. What is wrong with America?
2) Carson Daly – He would be #1, but now I just feel sorry for him.

Would you fight dirty?
No, I would probably shower beforehand.

(Editor’s Note: He’ll be here all month. Tip your waiter.)

You get to bring one weapon. What is it?

Rank these items in order of awesomeness: Alabama football, Marisa Miller, Snickers Ice Cream bars, a hug from mom, freedom.
1) Freedom
2) A hug from Mom
3) Alabama Football
4) Marisa Miller
5) Snickers Ice Cream Bars

Fill in the blanks!

Five favorite artists from the 60’s are?
Beatles, Bob Dylan

You only listed two favorite artists from the 60’s. Are you the only person alive who only likes two artists from the 60’s? And, somehow, those two are the least-contrarian, most-universally loved artists from the 60’s? What EXACTLY are you up to?
I like many artists from the 60s. I really like the Beach Boys and the Stones. I should probably amend my “favorites” answer to include Simon and Garfunkel.

Five favorite artists from the 90’s are?
Tom Petty, Dave Matthews Band, Hootie and the Blowfish, Pearl Jam

Five favorite artists from the 2000’s are?
Whiskeytown, Pearl Jam, Pat Green, Chris Milam (Chris – not joking when I say I can’t think of many contemporary songwriters better than you).

(Editor’s Note: Hold me?)

Favorite Whiskeytown record? Why?
By “record” I assume you mean “song” (as in “record of the year” vs. “album of the year”). My favorite Whiskeytown record is “Easy Hearts” because it is flat-out beautiful.

Some other singer/songwriters I love are?
Cory Branan, James Taylor, Taylor Swift

(Editor’s Note: And with that, the sarcasm-free portion of today’s Q&A is over.)

Favorite wrongly-heard song lyric is…? (e.g. “Excuse me while I kiss this guy…”)
“If there’s a bustle in your headroom, don’t be alarmed now. It’s just a sprinkling for the May queen.” (It’s from “Stairway to Heaven,” and I still don’t know what they’re really saying. I just know there is no way my interpretation is correct).

What is your biggest musical guilty pleasure (the thing you love the most that would also cause the most embarrassment knew you loved it)?
Currently it is “I Thought I Lost You” by Miley Cyrus and John Travolta, from the film “Bolt.” That’s it, I’m ruined.

You are going out tonight. You are going out to do whatever it is you would like to do for a fun night of festivity and frivolity. This can include anything from knitting a scarf to writing your Congressman to cockfighting in Columbia. Anyway, you get to assemble your posse for the night. You can pick ANY FOUR MEN OR ANY FOUR WOMEN on the planet, friends, celebrities, athletes, etc. Who is in your entourage and why?

This is a tough question. I would like to point out the distinction in the question of who would I like in my posse from the oft-asked question who I would like to dine with. I am assuming all of my posse must be alive.

1) George Clooney – I really wish I hated this guy, but I love him. I think he would be fun to hang with. Seems goofy and intelligent all at once.

2) Barack H. Obama – How can I not include him?

3) Plaxico Burress – For protection.

4) Ben Adams – Because you never want to be the “worst guy.”

Where will music be in 5 years? What will be the next “big thing”? Where would you like to see it go?
Bands will make a comeback (vice solo artists). CDs will no longer be sold. Singers will play instruments.

Finally, how can I ever thank you for the support?
Greatest Hits album!

Not Done…yet.

Until next time…

>Fan of the Month!

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