>Stay Tuned


I have nothing of significance to report. Nothing. Come August, there will be plenty to report, including but not limited to:

Making the new record (August 16!)
Booking new shows (in Nashville and in NYC!)
Retooling the website (now with 50% more fiber!)
Retooling the blog (and ginseng!)
Why I like the taste of Maalox (I do)
Why Green Day might be the best band in the world (they probably are)
More details about the move to New York (I’m all a-twitter, but not yet twittering)

And it’ll all kick off a week from today, August 3, when I post my Songs for August!

So check back early and often for all the goodness. Until then, sit back, relax, pop a Maalox, and watch the river flow.

Waiting is the hardest part,


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