>In the Lab

>This is not a test–I promise. This is just a message to say that the week’s been full of studio-preparation. But there’s hope! The studio itself will afford me more time to Blog than studio-preparation does. Irony, you fickle mistress!

So, here’s the breakdown:

1) Starting this Sunday, August 16, I’m making a new record. The record is yet-unnamed. I’m taking suggestions. Like Oatmeal Dream Pie. That’s a keeper.

2) I’ll be in the studio from Sunday to Friday (16th-21st). In that time, I’ll be blogging on the regular, with all the juicy pictures, updates, and gossip (“Steve took the last Dr. Pepper?!? What a tomcat!“). So check back early and often for the inside look.

3) The record will be out sometime this fall, although I’m not sure when. The good news is that recording, mixing, and mastering will be a pretty quick process (this isn’t Chinese Democracy, folks). The releasing process takes longer, since the big digital distributors take some time to get new records up and running. More details as I get them, though.

4) But yeah, start checking the blog Monday morning for all the steady studio updates!

That’ll do pig,

And lest you forget:


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