>Day 1, 6:56PM

>Ten hours in, and spirits are high. I don’t have long–we’re on the home stretch for today, but I wanted to share two things with you.

One, something I will miss:
Nashville’s got a good, memorable little skyline. One of the best parts is that you can see it from almost anywhere around the city. Unless you live near new condo developments with “skyline views,” ironically.

Anyway, I’ll miss it.

Two, something I do miss:
I miss coffee. I go on a strict no-caffeine policy once I get in the studio, because caffeine’s hard on the vocals. Also, yes, I make a honey-oat-herbal-lemonjus-heavensoup that has to be served at 53 degrees. Insert Mariah Carey jokes here.

So yes, I miss coffee. Already. Too much.

5 Hour Energy, people!

Back to it…


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