>Day 5, 3:37 PM

>Good noon!

First thing’s first: I’ll give a bag of raisins and a special hug to anyone who can name this instrument. Really, I’ll give mad blog propers to anyone who can properly identify this thing. I’m not convinced it’s an instrument.

In other news:

1) God won. Steve and I were tracking vocals, hours after the rain should’ve come, and the skies opened up. Since we’re in a room with sensitive microphones, and can easily hear thunder in the distance, and can easily see lighting inches away from our faces, we decided it was time to take a break. But why, God? Why?

2) My throat lost–kind of. I sang from 9AM – 3PM today, and the chords are a little tired now. There’s a reason records usually take longer than 6 days to make. Actually, there are several. Let’s list them!
a) The artist is lazy.
b) The artist is unfocused.
c) The artist is indecisive.
d) The artist is Axl Rose.
e) The artist and producer live in separate states and mail every part to each other, ala Postal Service.
f) A major label is involved.
g) The artist doesn’t want to sing for more than an hour at a time.
h) Spider attack.

That’s the list.

3) It feels great to break in the afternoon. Usually we hole up, work on parts, look up, and it’s 11PM. The day’s finished, seasons have changed, old men have grown longer beards, and we’re no longer connected to reality. So as I type this, I’m thinking stuff like, “Hmm, the sun is out,” and, “Oh yeah, there’s a TV I could watch.”

But even a hermetically sealed studio can’t lock out the pure, unadulterated hatred people are currently feeling for Brett Favre. That news, and all the Facebook vitriol, have broken through our walls. Apocalyptic horses could ride past the window and I’d miss it, but I know about a sixty year-old’s training camp.

4) Turns out I like the taste of coffee. In the spirit of my caffeine fast, I actually drank decaf this morning. In some quantity. And it tasted good. It was hot, and it was brown, and it tasted like beans. I even put some sugar in it. That made it a little sweeter, I found. It wasn’t bad at all. It wasn’t 5 Hour Energy, but then again what is?

In other news, Osi Umenyiora and I have more in common than suit size.

4) There’s a lizard now. Steve caught this guy (Rufus, I call him) outside the window. I’m hoping we can pit him against the Exospider in some kind of Reject Animal Celebrity Deathmatch.

For the record, Exospider would destroy Rufus. It would be the least fair fight since Screetch boxed Horseshack.

On that note…

Only in America,


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