>I woke up this morning on five hours of sleep and no caffeine. I woke up from a dream I had about waking up. I woke up at dawn and it felt like midday.

Two hours later, it’s 8:32AM, and I’m packed, and I’m about to get on a plane, and when that plane lands I’ll be in New York.

New York.



New York.

For the next three days I’ll be in NYC and Brooklyn getting ready to move, getting ready to go, getting ready to date Heidi Klum. I’ll be carousing with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Interpol and the Strokes and writing you from the penthouse’s penthouse of Trump Tower. I’ll eat nothing but Papaya King and corned beef. I’ll jaunt to West Egg. I’ll freestyle.

I’ll blog regularly, too, so keep checking back!

Gonna be a long long time,


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