>Eye On the Sky, Ear to the Ground

>Much more soon, but I had to pass along some news for the uninitiated.

Big Star’s long-anticipated box set, Keep An Eye on the Sky, is now available for purchase, consumption, hand-holding, long walks on the beach, potentially spooning, but is not yet ready to meet your parents. Don’t rush it.

Of course, the jury’s back, the verdict’s in, and it’s unanimous: somewhere between “best box set ever” and “best thing humanity’s made since democracy.”

Pitchfork: “…rock’s greatest cult band.”
Rolling Stone: “4 1/2 stars…stubborn, brilliant defiance.”
Onion A/V: “…perfect power pop and a beautiful shambles of a third album.”

And then there’s this prescient gentleman’s Two-Part Big Star lovesong from this past spring.
Big Star: The Music (Part 1)
Big Star: The Band (Part 2)

So read up, whet your appetite, and buy the darn thing already. You’re out of excuses.

I am the cosmos,


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