>Songs of the Week: Rolling Stones, "Good Time Women" & "Tumbling Dice"


My brother got me the deluxe edition of Exile on Main Street this month, and there are alternate takes of “Loving Cup” and “Soul Survivor” that are interesting to compare to the originals we all know.  But what really jumped out at me was a track titled “Good Time Women,” clearly an early version of the classic “Tumbling Dice.”

Ah, the powers of revision.

From the band’s Wikipedia:

“”Good Time Women”, an early version of “Tumbling Dice”, was recorded during the sessions for the album Sticky Fingers.[1] The song is a bluesy boogie-woogie heavy on Ian Stewart’s piano work. The two songs are similar in structure in that they have the same chord progression and a similar melody. Also, Jagger sings the hook to the accompaniment of Richards’ lone lead guitar. However, “Good Time Woman” lacked an opening riff, a background choir and the beat which propels “Tumbling Dice”‘s groove.”

 I wanted to post both songs and see what everyone thinks: which do you like better?  How different are they really?  Does anyone else know more examples of a song’s first draft versus its final, released version?  Any examples where revision made the song worse?

Take it away!

“Good Time Women”

“Tumbling Dice”

See y’all next week…


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