In the words of John Lennon at the Maharishi’s feet, “you again?!?”  Now, I’m not positive that’s what Lennon said.  I’m also not positive Lennon was ever “at the feet” of the Maharishi.  I also can’t confirm or deny rumors that “Maharishi” literally means “Man of Many Stews.”

And what I’m trying to say is this: WELCOME!

The Blog has moved to WordPress.  Here, now, is a guided tour–everything you need to know about the move and the new site’s features:

1) The big, final move will happen Friday, June 24.  At that time, all past and future posts will not be visible at the old Blogger.

I have battled the internet. And I have won. But I have lost.

2) Update your bookmark for the blog with this url.

3) On the right sidebar, use the handy-dandy “Email Subscription” button.  It automatically lets you know when there’s a new post.

4) If RSS is more your flavor, you can subscribe to the posts and comments.  Those buttons are also on the right sidebar.

5) Below the RSS buttons, you’ll see two drop-down menus.  These are awesome.  You can browse all the past posts from my blog by their original categories/tags, or by published date.  In other words, WordPress let me bring all my archives.  Every blog I’ve ever published is here, organized exactly the same.  If you want to read all past posts about the Beatles, or Chattanooga, or everything from September 2008, just find them in the drop-down menus.

6) But what about your most popular posting topics and running features, Chris?  On the blog’s banner, there’s a menu (Home, About Me, etc.).  I’ve collected my most-frequently used posts there for your perusal.  Anytime you want to see all my past Songs of the Week, or Another Cups of Coffee, etc, you can scroll easily them easily at the top menu.

7) As always, everything I write will be either read or linked from here, including the occasional Vinyl District post.  But all of those are organized, too, at the top.

8) You’ll notice “My Sites” on the menu.  They’re self-explanatory, but very important.  I urge all of you to find me elsewhere.  Although I blog regularly, I update this space the least.  The homepage, FB, and Twitter, are all updated multiple times a day.

9) Peruse “My Friends.”  It’s a list of some friends and favorite sites that will continue to grow.  These sites and blogs are excellent at what they do–show them some love!

10) THIS IS IMPORTANT: I need a favor from you!  Comment below and give me the name of an artist you’d like me to write about for Song of the Week this Friday.

One thumbs up!

You can give me a specific song title if you like, too.  But here’s why I need everyone to do this:

–It lets me know you’ve made it over here

–The commenting system is different in WP, and I want to make sure it’s not hassling anyone.

–I want to hear your feedback!

I’m still learning all the bells and whistles and ins and outs of WordPress.  This spot will continue to develop.  Please, please, please: tell me what you like, and what might make it better.  You’re not going to believe this, but I don’t actually create websites for a living.  I really appreciate your thoughts.

FINALLY, there are Facebook and Twitter buttons at the bottom of every post.  Clicky-clickerson those guys to let your friends in on the conversation.

Commenting and “liking/tweeting” helps immeasurably.   The whole point of this move is to make the blog easier to interact with–I want y’all in on the conversation.  So PLEASE, let me hear it.  And please, invite folks to the party.

We’ll return with our regularly-scheduled programming on Friday.

Until then…



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