The Ardent Sessions (Part 1: You Say It’s Your Birthday?)

7AM: Time to make the rock!

I woke up this morning shot out of a cannon.  I woke up like a man who’s slept for days, or maybe years, or maybe just six hours on the floor of his brother’s house, but woke up like he’d slept forever.  I woke up like a kid wakes up on Christmas morning, because today I’m making a record.

In my All-Time Pantheon of Favorite Things, here’s the short list (in debatable order):

1) Christmas

2) Making a record

3) Football

4) Freedom

5) Ribs

(Realizing now that probably looks a lot like Toby Keith’s list…)

In a few hours, I’ll walk into Ardent Studios.  By Tuesday morning, we’ll have a 2-song single for y’all.  This might be the kiddie pool of coffee I’ve had talking, but I CANNOT WAIT.

Let’s tackle the rest of this little pre-blog self-interview-style:

Chris, how do you prepare when you’re getting ready to record?  What’s your routine?

Excellent question, Me!  Typically I lay low, rest the voice, get some sleep, and practice.  Nothing crazy.  But last night I had the opportunity to play a Sweet 16 Birthday Party in scenic Arlington, Tennessee.


You heard me.  I played some songs at a nice Sweet 16 Birthday Party.  There were cupcakes and balloons and a bunch of teenagers who were way nicer/cooler than I was at their age.

Any highlights?

During a break, our host/DJ played some dance songs.  One prompted a hip-hop line dance that (I guess?) the new Macarena, only PG-13.  So while twelve girls did that in the living room, some guys in the kitchen watched them dance .  And I flashed back to high school, being in those guys’ shoes, just stewing in a tidal wave of my own hormones and sexual frustration. For a minute, it got real in there.

I’ll say this: wait til college, guys.  Just wait til college.  I promise.

Then what?

I went home, drank green tea with honey, meditated, and slept in a hyperbaric chamber.


No, I shouted on the phone, drove around singing along to Counting Crows, ate a late dinner, watched an old Office DVD, and slept (kind of) for a few hours.

What else are you listening to?

That’s pretty much it.  The last two weeks, I’ve become re-obsessed with the Counting Crows.  I can’t get enough.  Throw in a little Whiskeytown Pneumonia.  And, as always, whatever Tom Petty’s available.

Does anyone hate Tom Petty?

No.  That person doesn’t exist.

What else?

Nada for now, but mucho more soon.

It’s my birthday too,



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