Today’s Live Kickstarter Concert

Quick plug for today’s live Kickstarter-style concert.

I’m playing a marathon concert in the street TODAY to raise money for the next record.  You don’t have to be in Memphis to join me.  Here’s how you can help:

When: 4-10PM (or anytime online)
Where: 778 S Cooper, I Love Memphis mural in C-Y (or right here online)
What: Anything!  Every single pledge is hugely appreciated, no pledge is too small.

1) Visit

2) Click the yellow “Make a Donation” button. Enter your Paypal info, or just your credit card info.  Just a few clicks–fast, easy, and secure.

EVERYONE:  Spread the word on Facebook.  Tell a friend.  Absolutely everything helps.

Finally, the nice folks at Vinyl District and Ardent Studios had me play their “Warm Up” series to spread the word.  Here’s a brand new video and new tune.

Thanks SO MUCH for all your support!  I know from pledging on other artists’ Kickstarters how much it means to share hard-earned money with some crazy musician.  Your support means everything, and I can’t thank you enough for it.  Every single donation (no matter how small) goes a long, long way towards the next record.  I can’t wait to dedicate it to y’all.

Thank you, and I’ll see you out there!



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