Fall Tour, Part 1: When The Past Calls Shotgun

Longtime readers know that I’m from Memphis, lived in Nashville, moved to New York, and now call Memphis homebase again (when I’m not touring).  Yesterday I drove through Memphis to get to Nashville while listening to my Fall Mix 2K9 (composed the months after I moved to NYC).  I will not lie to you: somewhere around Bucksnort, it got heady.

(Spotiflybabies can listen to it here.)

The entire day can best be described as “relentless interstate lovemaking.”  The temperature was cool, the air smelled autumnal, but most importantly: it felt like fall.

Running tour photo gallery here.

There are few things I love more in life than driving in picturesque fall weather with my entire record collection at my disposal.  Throw in a truly unwise amount of caffeine, and the adrenaline of kicking off a tour, and you’ve got one crazy songer-singwriter playing air-drums to himself for 431 miles. Yesterday, me, Ruby, and The Road got back together.  We fell in love all over again.  We’re gonna be together forever.

All this to say, I didn’t quite know where I was going, or what I was doing, or what would come next, but I got an unblinking tour of where I’ve been.  All while fall did its merciless fall thing outside my window.  The only way it could’ve been more heady was if some sad-eyed girl turned up by the roadside, selling cider and wearing sweaters.

You, Me, Fall, The Road, Ruby, and a little Music.  Let’s do this.

(Which reminds me: what are y’all listening to these days?  I’m always desperate for new road-trip music.  Holler.)

I made it to Murfreesboro just before dark and got settled at Bonhoeffer’s.  I’ve said this before and I’ll said it again: I’ll play a dive bar, your mama’s basement, your grandaddy’s nursing home.  Anyone, anytime, anywhere: it doesn’t matter.  But last night was a real treat: a weekly time, place, and great-sounding room where a ton of passionate college kids regularly come, hang out, and share music.  From the artist’s side, it’s a wonderful thing.  Thanks to the folks at Bonhoeffer’s and ODPsi for having me!  Looking forward to seeing y’all again.

Hellooooo Murfreesboro! What a motley crew.

Sixteen hours and 465 miles after I started, I made it to a little house in East Nashville.  I found old friends and a pillow waiting on me.  The house belongs to my buddy Steve (who co-produced two of my records), and was also the recording studio where we made my third record.  I woke up this morning in the house that built Up.  It’s another beautiful day.  A million memories chase me around this town.  They’re waiting around every corner.  They’re riding shotgun.  They’re in my rearview, they’re behind me and ahead, and they’re gaining speed.  I can’t outrun them.  I wouldn’t even try.


P.S. See y’all tonight!


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