Fall Tour, Part 2: Somewhere Along The Way

Last we left off, I was writing from a familiar time in a familiar place: a day off in East Nashville.  Since then, I’ve played five shows in ten days, driven another 1,000 miles across four states and two time-zones, and downed countless 5 Hour Energies.  If I had blogged every day, I would’ve stood a puncher’s chance of remembering what happened where.  But from where I’m sitting–a kitchen in Wilmington, miles and hours removed–it’s all one great wide weird beautiful blur.

Somewhere along the way…

…I met a cashier named Billie Jean.  She was born in 1984.  Her parents are my kind of funny.

…A semi threw a tire directly in front of me.  I evaded tire chunks and smoke for two full minutes.  My first thought was, “AHHHWHAAAOOAAAHNO!!!!”  After thirty seconds, though, it resembled the last leg of Oregon Trail.  I dodged the logs and rocks, navigated rapids, and ended up in the Willamette Valley.  With yellow fever.

Mims Hall

…I found myself accidentally in the same spot at 9AM, September 11, 2011 that I was on September 11, 2001.

…Someone else’s mom bought me chocolate-covered coffee beans “for those long, lonely nights on the road.”

…I broke between five and 300 strings mid-song.  Not sure what’s up with my guitar.

…And I broke someone else’s guitar strap mid-song.  Actually, both of those things happened at Eddie’s Attic.  Sorry, Eddie’s Attic.

This happened.  Thanks Smith’s Olde Bar.

…I unwittingly gave a girl an unfortunate Saved By the Bell-inspired nickname. Hint: it involves Professor Jeremiah Lasky.

My cousin.

…I sang Hanson to a springer spaniel.  Sang Paul Simon with a brittany spaniel.  Watched the Redskins with a shetland sheepdog.

…Pizza muffins.

…Logged miles and miles of US highway.  Not a lot of interstate between these coastal towns.  Lots of 55mph speed limits.  Too many state troopers.  Way too many stoplights.  And I’ve passed more CiCi’s than I can count.

…On the bright side: Dirty Dick’s Crab House.  That exists.

…Locally-brewed beers named after Doors songs. Love Me Two Times Blonde Ale.

…I stole a ton of cookies from Hampton Inn.  I mean A LOT of cookies.  What’s that Health & Fitness?  You want to do a cover feature on my diet?  Why, sure!

…I crashed a pre-wedding party at a Hampton Inn.

…I heard a string quartet play Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” at a wedding that wasn’t at a Hampton Inn.

…Met a bunch of Citadel students.  Several Emory law students.  A few really enthusiastic Florida fans who liked my hat.  One confused guy at Safeway.  And two women named Tammi.

…I made one cousin blush.

…I cracked one windshield.

…I haven’t fixed one cracked windshield.

…Kicked one ATM.

October 18!

…Posted videos, pictures, updated the site, worked on some new songs, edited new press photos, designed album art, sent off the new record to the fine digital distributors, set a release date (OCTOBER 18), scheduled a few interviews, booked more fall shows, and did everything but blog-write.  And for that, I’m sorry.  I vow to blog a little more frequently from here on out.  We’ll make it work.

To all the new friends in Atlanta, Jacksonville, and Charleston: I had a blast meeting y’all!  Can’t wait to see you again down the road.

To everyone in DC, Philly, and NY this week: saddle up.

Somewhere along the way,


P.S. For all the upcoming show info, click here.


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